Five major status of garment industry forced supply chain deepening reform

2017-08-01 00:00

Over the years, the apparel industry scattered and disorderly, inefficient, chaos, and China economy has entered a new norm, economic growth slowed down, domestic demand continued to decrease in the "winter times", China Weiyi garment manufacturing industry.

However, blindly complaining pale, slightly feeling unable to talk and say. On this occasion, to see the situation and follow the reform is the vast road. Our analysis from the five aspects of the background, and artificial core, spirit and opportunity of the apparel industry, garment industry of the five situation forced supply chain reform is imminent, make painstaking efforts true to life.

Setting: Industrial 4 and made in China

Regardless of the industry, Lang Xianping said: "as long as industrial 4 in the global spread, China made will collapse across the board, disintegration.".

At present, intelligent industrial equipment has become the basis for the upgrading and transformation of the global manufacturing industry, and developed countries have made the upgrading of manufacturing industry as the primary task of industry 4. The German shuttle Harley production plant as an example, in 3 before the industrial era, the production of a Harley takes 21 days, because of its production process are all fixed mechanization. But in the era of industrial 4, a customer orders at nine o'clock in the morning a personal customized motorcycle, the five modules all live, in accordance with the needs of customers, to find their own raw materials, find their own re packaging factory reset, within six hours can be private custom motorcycle to the customer.

In addition to significantly shorter time, there is an advantage of intelligence, the cost has dropped by 40%.

China in the manufacturing industry has been very difficult, the cost has been catching up with the United States, if the United States to promote the 4 industry, the cost of another 40% drop in our competitive opportunities where! Germany, the United Kingdom manufacturing costs are currently 10% - 20% higher than China, as long as the industry to promote 4, then the cost will be much lower than China, our competition where the hope?!

As a manufacturing power China, enterprises are facing severe economic transformation, is in a big manufacturing country to a powerful nation stage, China has put forward the China manufacturing 2025 "national strategy, and the Internet industry, the German industrial 4 have different approaches but equally satisfactory results of strategic thinking, can effectively help enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading.

To see the big, small, based on the present, the clothing industry does not reform, the death is not necessarily the fastest, but it must be the most miserable.

Man: the issue of employment is prominent, and productivity must be liberated

In 2016, China's university graduates reached 7 million 650 thousand people, an increase of 160 thousand people over last year. Although the growth rate has slowed down in recent years, the number of college graduates this year is still high. On the other hand, China's economic growth has slowed down and the employment of enterprises and institutions has been reduced accordingly, resulting in increasing employment pressure for college students. In addition, under the impetus of industrial 4, the ordinary repetitive manufacturing is becoming more and more biased towards intelligent production, and the prospects of workers' employment pressure are equally embarrassing.

Looking at the clothing industry, workers in the traditional clothing supply chain belong to the factory and the workers' income is in the number of units. In order for the next order to be successfully completed, there is usually a reserve time for debugging the machine and adjusting the process. Of course in this free period, there will be a large number of unemployed workers, which resulted in the waste of labor. This waste is extremely lethal in the garment manufacturing industry, which faces overall deepening reform.

Therefore, the release of productivity and the promotion of workers' self promotion are potential major directions for personnel reform.

Core: platitudes, inventory lead to operational risks

In all manufacturing sectors, I'm afraid few industries have more extensive and profound impact on inventory than the apparel industry. This is closely related to the changing trends in fashion and the changing demands of consumers.

The traditional supply chain, which has to be ordered 3-6 months in advance and at least a thousand items, has led to a large backlog of inventory by garment retailers, which has led to a lack of flexibility in cash flow. Even more frightening is that because of the market forecast more than half a year, to end clothing brand is difficult to grasp the current trends, the first half of the clothing to hoard and finally found the outdated, had to sell at a discount, once again reduced the profit.

Inventory problem is always the core problem of clothing industry. Who can solve this problem? Who is the leader of garment supply chain?.

The spirit: the spirit of originality Chinese manufacturing blank

Japan has tens of thousands of century old shop or even thousands of years old, the secret of many Japanese companies can continue hundreds or even thousands of years, is focused on your career persevere, is not about the immediate profits artisan spirit". Italy craftsmen and workshops from Italy, many luxury big well-known, far and near, the small workshop artisans. Italy craftsmen, everyone is the pursuit of excellence. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other German speaking areas, in addition to the many well-known cars, watches, home appliances brand, there are a large number of successful SMEs, they focus on the production and manufacturing, focus on innovation and development, and has a large number of high skilled labor. These companies are leading the world in some segments of the industry, but are not known by outsiders. They are called "invisible champions."".

In Japan, Italy, Germany and other countries, artisan spirit has been well inherited.

Looking at the domestic, Lining quietly decline, Baleno collapsed, not all the ingenuity, flashy